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Does cbd oil go bad?

cbd expires

CBD is a supplement

No matter what supplement you are taking, it’s always essential that you are aware of the expiration date. After this, it’s safe to assume that the supplement is no longer good or has lost its efficacy. You should throw it away and purchase some new ones if you want to. We can understand why many may think that CBD doesn’t expire but it is no exception to this rule. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the things you need to know about CBD going bad, so keep reading to find out more.

does cbd oil expire?

Yes, CBD Oil expires. Food expires, supplements expire and so does CBD. It’s inevitable, and understanding the signs that this has happened is necessary for you to avoid harming yourself. Generally CBD Oil is going to last one or two years before it meets its use by date, and after this timeframe the efficacy of the compounds are going to degrade and expire. 

It’s important to know that the shelf life of CBD changes depending on the brand that you buy. As such, if you are looking for CBD Oil that lasts a long time, do your research into the different brands available. This is all due to the manufacturing, extraction and testing practices that are used to develop the final end product—CBD Oil. 

It’s true to say that there are some factors that are going to impact the life of CBD Oil. First is the way that people store it. Many people store it wrong and this reduces the shelf life of the CBD Oil. As such, check the storage requirements before you put it away.

It will also depend on the method of extraction that was used to get the CBD Oil in the first place. Most companies use CO2 for extraction as it tends to be the cleanest and most efficient way of doing it. That’s why our Veré products specifically go through this type of extraction. However, there are some companies who prefer to stick to the older methods because they are cheaper. The problem is that if they use the older method, traces of butane and alcohol can be left behind in the CBD Oil. Not only may this impact the safety of the product but it will decrease the shelf life of your CBD Oil.

What Happens If You Take expired CBD oil?

If you take expired CBD Oil in small doses then nothing is really going to happen to you that is known about. There are no known side effects, but it’s always recommended not to take it after the expiry date just to be on the safe side. However, large doses of CBD Oil that has expired might produce some more unwanted side effects such as being sick or causing diarrhea. As such, make sure that you check the bottle and the liquid before you use it if you think that you have had it for a long time.

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How Can You Tell If CBD Oil Is Expired?

You need to know if your CBD Oil has expired. It’s true to say that it is really difficult to tell if CBD Oil has gone bad. But, there are a number of things that you can look for. For example when it goes bad it sometimes starts to smell like a rotten potato. If you smell this in your bottle, throw it away and purchase another one because you certainly don’t want to take it.

You should also look out for the color changing from a clear to a muddy brown if it is Pure CBD Oil or from a yellow/brown to a dark brown if it is a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil. This is a sure sign that the CBD Oil has expired and that you should no longer be using it. Keep your eye on this every time that you use it so that you can be sure you will notice a difference when it does change.

Or, you might find that there is a coating that looks kind of foggy on the inside of the bottle. If in doubt, throw it out, that’s the rule that we like to live by. You should also make sure to check the texture. If you’re not sure, instead of putting it straight in your mouth, drip a bit out onto a plate or something so that you can check for yourself. Make sure that it’s still as thick as it was when you first got it. The thinner it is, the more out of date it is.

can you extend the shelf life?

Did you know that you can actually extend the shelf life of CBD Oil? For example, if you store it properly and at the correct, cool temperature, then it keeps the oil good for longer periods of time. It’s the exposure to the heat that breaks down the oil, so you want to keep it cool. This means that you should not be storing the oil anywhere near the oven or the stove as these reach extreme temperatures and heat up the space around them. Conversely, we also do not recommend you put it in the fridge because this is not necessary, so try to keep it around room temperature when possible.

Keep your CBD Oil in its sealed, air-tight bottle or container. This preserves the CBD Oil and can help to keep it fresh for an extended period of time. As well as heat exposure, exposure to the air can also speed up the expiration date.

It’s also important to know that CBD Oil is sensitive to light. As such, it should be stored somewhere that is dim or dark. In a cool, dry cupboard is probably the best option that you can go with. Definitely avoid any kind of direct sunlight coming into contact with it as this will speed up the decomposing of the oil. Further, this is why our Veré CBD Oil is kept in amber glass bottles. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now understand a little more about CBD and when it goes bad. It’s important to have this information if you do take or are plan to start a CBD routine.

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