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Pure Natural CBD Oil

Pure Natural CBD Oil

Cannabidiol Oil

Maybe you have heard about Pure CBD Oil and maybe you have heard it being referred to as Cannabidiol Oil or even CBD Isolate Oil. It’s the same thing, and is the purest form of CBD. The other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the organic hemp plant are stripped away to isolate just the cannabinoid Cannabidiol, resulting in a true and Pure CBD oil.

Not All CBD Oil is the Same

For anyone navigating the online CBD space, it can be complex—at best—and precarious—at worst. There are thousands of CBD brands and even more hemp-derived products, from oils and tinctures to topicals and edibles. So, as a consumer, which brand should you choose and which CBD product is the best fit for your health and lifestyle? 

Your health deserves the best so we encourage you to do your research to make an informed decision when you buy CBD online. To start, not all CBD Hemp Oil is created equal. What brands put in their Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil—and what they leave out—makes all the difference. To ensure the efficacy and safety of any CBD Oil for sale, please consider the following: 

  1. Potency of Cannabidiol in the CBD Oil. Veré Pure Cannabidiol Oil tests at a minimum of 99% CBD purity. 
  2. Ingredients in the CBD Hemp Oil. Our Pure CBD Oil is formulated with just 3 ingredients: cbd extract, peppermint essential oil for natural flavoring and MCT Oil for a fast-acting effect; all of which are organic ingredients. 
  3. 3rd-Party Lab Tests to Verify Potency, Purity, & Safety of the CBD Oil. Before and after each hemp harvest, we test the plant and again after we turn the hemp biomass into CBD Oil. We don’t stop there though. Before the bottle of our high-quality CBD Oil arrives at your doorfront, it is tested again at a certified 3rd-party lab. 
  4. Made in the U.S. for Safety & Regulations. From hemp seed to farm to extraction to bottle, everything is sourced and executed within the U.S. to deliver Veré’s award-winning hemp-derived CBD Oil. Our exclusive and organic hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado are USDA Farm Bill compliant and our CBD products are manufactured in a cGMP Registered, ISO Certified and FDA audited facility.
  5. Customer Reviews & Experiences with the CBD Brand. We have over 100 reviews on our site as well as on other highly reputable sites in the industry. This includes Leafly—the world’s largest cannabis and hemp platform—where our CBD Oil is top-ranking. 
  6. Product Guarantees. We stand by our CBD products with the Veré Guarantee. It’s simple. If you are not fully satisfied with your results, let us know within 30 days. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. 
  7. Customer Service. Our first-class customer support is highly knowledgeable about everything CBD-related so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, no matter how small you may think they are.

Pure, Potent & Premium: 3 Things to Look for in the Cannabidiol Oil Profile

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is one of the most known cannabinoids to the general public. At Veré we have partnered with one of the industry’s leading hemp genetics company to provide our hemp farmers with 

  • Specially bred, non-GMO hemp cultivars
  • Proprietary high-CBD hemp cultivars

These hemp genetics coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process is credited for delivering a CBD Hemp Oil that is award-winning and one of the purest on the market. Our registered industrial hemp naturally produces over 18% CBD, on average. To put this into perspective, true industrial hemp produces less than 1 percent of CBD. 

As a result of this 18% CBD starting point, we only remove 20 to 30% of the plant material. Let’s compare this to other Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil brands who start with 2 to 10% CBD. They repeatedly remove 90 to 98% of plant material, significantly weakening the CBD molecule.

We have a distinct advantage with our hemp plants’ high-CBD starting material. Moreover, our gentle refining process does not damage or weaken our CBD molecules due to the absence of harsh solvents and chemicals. The result—a true high-quality CBD Oil that is recognized as the best organic CBD Oil

And there’s more, as if that wasn’t enough. CBD needs a carrier oil for bioavailability and we have intentionally infused our CBD Extract with MCT Oil due its superior qualities in comparison to other carrier oils. The fat-soluble cannabinoid CBD binds with the fat molecules of MCT to quickly absorb into the liver, while bypassing the digestive system. This is just one of the many reasons MCT Oil is an effective carrier oil for CBD. More so, the antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of MCT further complement the therapeutic benefits of CBD for your well-being and health. At Veré, we marry these two beneficial ingredients to create our CBD MCT Oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

pure cbd oil

Additional Details About our Pure CBD Oil 

  • 100% USA grown hemp
  • Organic, Non-GMO Pure CBD Oil
  • Tests at 99%+ Cannabidiol purity 
  • 0% THC
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil flavor
  • Organic, fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil)
  • Free from pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, additives, fillers, molds and mildew
  • Third-party lab tested & verified for cannabinoid—CBD and CBDV—profile, purity and potency
  • Size | 500mg CBD Extract per 1 fl oz (30mL) bottle
  • Serving Size | 1mL dropper contains approximately 17mg CBD Extract
  • Servings Per Container | 30mL

Pure cbd Oil Benefits

  1. Tasty & Delicious. Our Pure CBD Oil is flavored with a refreshing and cool peppermint taste. Conversely, an unflavored Cannabidiol Oil has a bitter hemp taste, turning off many consumers. And let’s be practical, if we are taking a supplement it is more bearable when it tastes good and we are more likely to make CBD dosing a routine. 
  2. Fast-Acting Effect. This CBD MCT Oil is fast-acting as it bypasses the digestive system so you may experience quicker relief from pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.
  3. CBD Microdosing. Microdosing CBD is gaining in popularity as a go-to consumption technique when ingesting Cannabidiol. In lieu of consuming a full day’s serving of CBD in a single dosage, microdosing breaks down that daily intake across several doses during the day. This allows your body to maintain steady levels of CBD throughout the day, which research is showing to be of greater health benefit.
  4. CBD for Inflammation. CBD amplifies the binding-efficiency of specific protein-coupled receptors found throughout the body. Your body has its own natural system for interacting with cannabinoids, called the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a neuromodulator signaling system that plays an important role within the central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system leverages receptors found throughout the body and can perform different tasks determined by the tissue location. The goal of these tasks is to achieve homeostasis and allow communication between different cell types. As an example; when you have an injury, cannabinoids may decrease the release of sensitizers from the injured tissue. This helps to stabilize the nerve cell, and can also normalize nearby immune cells. This may prevent inflammation so the body can take necessary actions to address the injury.
  5. CBD for Pain. CBD is shown to bind to the TRPV1 receptors, which influence temperature regulation in the body, inflammation and your perception of pain. When CBD binds to the TRPV1 receptor and is activated, this can cause your pain-tolerance to increase as well as to help efficiently regulate the body’s temperature through thermoregulation. 
  6. CBD for Migraines. Some studies like The Endocannabinoid System in Migraine and Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research go a step further and show how CBD can positively affect the function of signaling pathways within pain control. The research even suggests that migraines may be caused partly by a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system, resulting in heightened sensitivity to pain and stimuli. This elevated sensitivity to light and noise implies a homeostatic imbalance in the body, which may become more balanced through a daily CBD regimen.
  7. CBD as an Alternative to Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) used to combat pain. While ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory, it carries serious risks that may lead to kidney damage or increase chances of a heart attack. For this reason, many consumers are turning to CBD in lieu of ibuprofen.
  8. CBD for Post-Workout Recovery. CBD is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, many athletes are choosing Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil to support their post-workout recovery to help reduce aches and pains. 
  9. CBD to Better Manage Everyday Stresses. As mothers ourselves, we know all too well about the never-ending battle of multi-tasking and balancing the demands of parenthood with careers or household responsibilities. It is stressful and taxing; and oftentimes we are left feeling as though we are not enough or are not being present. The CBD Hemp Oil supports our mental health to better manage these everyday stresses so we can be more calm, focused and relaxed.

Buy Pure CBD Oil

Scientific research shows CBD’s therapeutic properties may benefit a variety of health conditions like anxiety, stress, inflammation, arthritis and pain.

pure cbd oil $54.95
cbd hemp oil

organic cbd oil

that’s pure all around so you can experience pure CBD for pure results that will leave you feeling your best.


pure cannabidiol oil

We want you to start living your best life. That’s why we crafted a natural and Pure CBD Oil. Our organic CBD Oil is 100% American-made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients from the purest hemp strains. It’s pure perfection in a bottle. 

our customers love veré and our pure cbd oil

frequently asked questions about Pure natural cbd oil

Research and customer anecdotes demonstrate how CBD may benefit several health conditions like anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, migraines, pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and inflammation. The disclosed benefits from our Pure CBD Oil may vary on an individual level since our bodies are all unique; and CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As a gentle reminder, CBD products are best used as a supplement and it is best to consult with a physician first.

Unfortunately, there is no universal dosage of CBD as the dose will vary on factors that differ in each consumer, including: 

  1. Body weight and chemistry 
  2. The symptoms and severity of the health ailments you are treating
  3. Concentration and potency of CBD in the Cannabidiol Oil
  4. Current medication and supplements

To add, our own body differs on a day-to-day basis so the impact and influence the CBD Oil has on our endocannabinoid system may vary each day. Don’t be discouraged though as we have compiled an easy-to-use CBD dosage chart to help guide you. As a gentle reminder, be patient when you begin taking CBD daily. Some customers remark how quickly they feel a difference, whereas other customers don’t notice an effect until a few weeks into their daily CBD Hemp Oil routine.

CBD needs a carrier oil for bioavailability. The fat-soluble cannabinoids like CBD bind with the fat molecules of MCT to quickly absorb into the liver, while bypassing the digestive system. Since MCT Oil does not require stomach acid to break down the CBD, CBD is not lost in the digestive system. Therefore, your body gets more out of each CBD Oil dosage. Moreso, the antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of MCT further complement the therapeutic benefits of CBD. All of our CBD Oil products combine these 2 powerful forces–MCT Oil and CBD–for a fast-acting impact on your health.

As mothers, we are no strangers to stress. It comes with the job title. Our high-quality CBD Oil is designed and intended to help support a healthier lifestyle with greater calm and management of day-to-day stresses. As a gentle reminder, CBD Hemp Oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

CBD Oil, CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Tincture all contain the cannabinoid CBD. Often times, these terms are used interchangeably, making it confusing to consumers. Typically, CBD Oil only contains Cannabidiol (CBD), unless specified as a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum; whereas CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Tincture may include more than just CBD, like a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

Our Pure CBD Oil tests at a 99%+ CBD purity. We recommend reviewing COAs to verify the cannabinoid profile, purity and potency in any CBD product.

to buy a pure cbd oil… or to buy a cbd oil tincture?

At Veré we are on a quest to help others feel good “naturally” so they can live their best lives. Whether you choose to buy a Pure CBD Oil or a CBD Oil Tincture that includes a diverse array of cannabinoids, we are here to help educate and empower so you can make the best decision on behalf of your health and lifestyle. 

Need help understanding which CBD product is best for your lifestyle and health? Our CBD 101 guide is a great resource to reference the difference between Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil and CBD Isolate Oil as well as the difference between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.

Our online CBD store is built upon transparency, and as a gentle reminder, our Veré Pure CBD Oil and CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition, ailment or disease. 

We share our customers’ personal anecdotes and experiences with our online CBD store and CBD products as well as scientific studies to help you make an informed decision when looking to buy CBD Oil online. Have a look and you will quickly learn why Veré is regarded as one of the top CBD companies.

Please get in touch with us as you shop for CBD Oil online. We are here to help answer questions relative to Pure CBD Oil and CBD Oil Tincture so you can better understand which CBD product may be best for your needs and lifestyle. There is a lot to choose from in the online marketplace and we recognize it can be complicated for a customer to navigate online CBD stores. Let’s be honest, there is no short supply right now. However, very few match the quality, safety and efficacy of the CBD Oil here at Veré in our online CBD store.

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