Will CBD Cause Me to Fail A Drug Test?

CBD drug testing

Cannabis law & cbd scheduling

While cannabis has been stigmatized in the last century for its active role in recreational use, over the last decade it has been progressively studied for purposes of science and medicine. Still, many consumers shy away from using cannabis, hemp or its derivatives—likes CBD—as there is still great concern for failing a drug test from their employer, and understandably so.

CBD has rightfully generated a lot of buzz regarding its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Despite the 2018 Farm Bill Act which legalized hemp-derived CBD (with no more than 0.3% THC), the federal laws are still ambiguous at best. This makes it very challenging for both CBD brands and consumers to navigate the CBD space—especially online.

This begs the question, “What is the federal cannabis law?”

With the FDA’s approval of Epidolex, a Cannabidiol (CBD) prescription intended to treat forms of epilepsy, the DEA was prompted to de-schedule CBD from a Schedule 1 substance to a Schedule 5 Substance.

To further put this into context, Schedule 1 drugs are considered to have NO medical use and have a high potential for abuse. Examples of Schedule 1 drugs include the likes of heroin and peyote. Cannabis, sadly is still considered a Schedule 1 drug as well. Whereas Schedule 5 drugs have a lower potential for abuse and are generally used for antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic purposes. This includes the likes of codeine and Lomotil.

Will I Fail a Drug Test From CBD?

CBD users understand that CBD won’t get them high, but do employers understand this? Each individual employer in the U.S. maintains its employer-rights to dictate what may or may not be tolerated at their company. If your employer uses corporate-wide drug-screening efforts, CBD would likely not test postive on a drug screen as it is unlikely to show up. Most drug tests are either for a particular drug or cater to a myriad of specific drugs. CBD, by itself, is usually unaccounted for, resulting in a negative drug test. Since CBD doesn’t impair a user’s physical or mental state, many companies wouldn’t classify CBD in the same category as cannabis. Though, this information only relates to pure CBD.

While certain hemp-derived products—like Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil—include trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less), an individual may still exhibit THC within the drug test from consuming the hemp products. Though the risk is low, there is still a potential. If you are concerned about an upcoming drug test, you may discuss your concerns with your health care provider prior to consumption of any hemp-derived products.

Will I Fail a Drug Test if I use Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

CBD and drug testing

When using Full Spectrum CBD Oil or Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, the THC levels in the products are ultimately very low as dictated by the legalities of the Farm Bill Act. Most consumers who use CBD Tinctures or Hemp Extract Oil will pass a drug test with no issues. In cases where the user ingests a high-level of Full Spectrum CBD Extract, it may be possible for the drug test to show a positive result. A high-level of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract ingestion would constitute more than 2,000mg per day to test postively on most brand drug tests. Even if your test shows a positive result, you can ask for a secondary drug test for further validation.

Furthermore, some drug-testing facilities test for a range of cannabinoids. The identification of these cannabinoids may yield a positive drug test. By law, you are permitted to ask the facility which cannabinoids they include in testing. Note: You do not need to supply your name when contacting a testing facility.

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